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Maths Std 7 Swadhyay 9.2

Maths Science Corner


Standard 7

Chapter 09 Sanmey Sankhyao 

Swadhyay 9.2 


On maths science corner you can now download new NCERT 2018 Gujarati Medium Textbook Standard 7 Maths Chapter 09 Sanmey Sankhyao Swadhyay Section in pdf format for your easy reference.

On Maths Science Corner you will get all the printable study material of Maths and Science Including answers of prayatn karo, Swadhyay, Chapter Notes, Unit tests, Online Quiz etc..

This material is very helpful for preparing Competitive exam like Tet 1, Tet 2, Htat, tat for secondary and Higher secondary, GPSC etc..

Earlier We have given the Following

Textbook Chapter

Prayatn Karo Section

Swadhyay Javabo

Today Maths Science Corner is giving the fully solved solution of Maths Std 7 Chapter 9 Swadhyay 9.2.

Rational numbers are the numbersw which can be written in fractions, where numerator can be positive as well as negative. But denominator can only be positive.

Rational numbers can be positive or negative.

In the standard form of rational number the common factor between numerator and the denominator is always 1.

To compare rational numbers, their denomitor must be the same. To do this take LCM of the denominator and then compare.

There are infinite number of rational numbers between any two rational numbers.

Rational numbers can be shown on number line too.

For division of any two rational number, the multiplication of inverse of second rational number is done with first rational number. 

Maths Std 7 Swadhyay 9.2

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