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Science Std 8 Ch 13 Online Quiz

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Standard 8

Chapter 13 Dhvani


Online MCQ Quiz


On maths science corner you can now download new NCERT 2018 Gujarati Medium Textbook Standard 8 Science Chapter 13 Dhvani (Sound) in pdf form for your easy reference.

On Maths Science Corner you will get all the printable study material of Maths and Science Including answers of prayatn karo, Swadhyay, Chapter Notes, Unit tests, Online Quiz etc..

This material is very helpful for preparing Competitive exam like Tet 1, Tet 2, Htat, tat for secondary and Higher secondary, GPSC etc..

Highlights of the chapter

Sound is produced by a vibrating body

Sound produced by humans

Sound needs a medium for propagation

We hear sound through our ears

Amplitude, Time period and frequency of vibration

Loudness and Pitch

Audible and inaudible sounds

Noise and music

Noise pollution

What are the harms of noise pollution?

Measures to limit noise pollution

As you have learnt above topics clearly by studying the chapter 13 of Science Standard 8 thoroughly.

Maths Science Corner had given following material :

Textbook Chapter

Today Maths Science Corner is giving you Online MCQ Quiz of chapter of Science Standard 8 Chapter 13. In which tere are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) having four alternatives. Out of these alternatives only one is correct. So, choose it wisely and score best marks in your Exams.

Science Std 8 Ch 13 Online Quiz

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