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Maths Std 10 Swadhyay 1.2 Videos

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Standard 10 (Class 10)

Chapter 01 Vastavik Sankhyao

(Real Numbers)

Swadhyay 1.2 (Exercise 1.2) Videos


On maths science corner you can now download new NCERT 2019 Gujarati Medium Textbook Standard 10 Maths Chapter 01 Vastavik Sankhyao (Real Numbers) in pdf form for your easy reference.

On Maths Science Corner you will get all the printable study material of Maths and Science Including answers of prayatn karo, Swadhyay, Chapter Notes, Unit tests, Online Quiz etc..

This material is very helpful for preparing Competitive exam like Tet 1, Tet 2, Htat, tat for secondary and Higher secondary, GPSC etc..

Highlight of the chapter

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Euclid's Division lemma

1.3 The fundamental theorem of arithmatic

1.4 Revisiting Irrational numbers

1.5 Revisiting rational numbers and their decimal expansions

1.6 Summary

You will be able to learn above topics in Chapter 01 of Maths Standard 10 Textbook chapter.

Earlier Maths Science Corner had given the following :

Fully solved Swadhyay 1.2 in PDF form 

Swadhyay 1.1 Videos

Today Maths Science Corner is giving you the Fully solved Swadhyay 1.2 (Exercise 1.2) of Chapter 01 of Maths Standard 10 in the form of video lectures.

In this exercise you will be able to learn the fundamental theorem of arithmetic and its applications.

The Playlist is as follows :

Mathematics Standard 10 Swadhyay 1.2 (Exercise 1.2) Videos

If you like videos then comment your suggestions, questions about the videos. Your Comments are valuable for us. So, we can improve it for betterment of your marks. Enjoy ...

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