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Maths Std 7 Ch 9 Prayatn Karo Solution


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Standard 7 (Class 7)

Chapter 9 Sanmey Sankhyao (Rational Numbers)

Second Semester

Prayatn Karo Javabo (Try These Solution) (Sem 2) in PDF 

Maths Solution Pdf

On Maths Science Corner you can now get new NCERT 2020 Gujarati Medium Textbook Standard 6 Mathematics Chapter 8 Try These Exercise Solution in Pdf format for your easy reference.

On Maths Science Corner you will get all the printable study material of Maths and Science Including answers of prayatn karo, Swadhyay, Chapter Notes, Unit tests, Online Quiz etc..

This material is very helpful for preparing Competitive exam like Tet 1, Tet 2, Htat, tat for secondary and Higher secondary, GPSC etc..

Highlight of the chapter

9.1 Introduction

9.2 Need for rational numbers

9.3 What are rational numbers?

9.3.1 Numerator and denominator

9.3.2 Equivalent rational numbers

9.4 Positive and Negative rational numbers

9.5 Rational numbers on a number line 

9.6 Rational numbers in standard form

9.7 Comparison of rational numbers

9.8 Rational numbers between two rational numbers

9.9 Operation on rational numbers

9.9.1 Addition of rational numbers Additive Inverse

9.9.2 Subtraction of rational numbers

9.9.3 Multiplication of rational numbers

9.9.4 Division of rational numbers Reciprocal Product of reciprocal Multiplicative inverse

9.10 Summary

You will be able to learn above topics in Chapter 09 of NCERT Maths Standard 7 (Class 7) Textbook chapter.

Maths Prayatn Karo

Today We are giving you the solution of Prayatn Karo (Try These) Section of Chapter 9 Rational Numbers in Pdf format which you can easily print.

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